Asia Super Young|Ollie
Liu Tianyue (Ollie), Born On April 1, 2006 In Beijing, Has Showed Exceptional Talent And Unique Charm. In The South Korean Mnet Talent Show "Boys Planet," He Captivated The Audience With His Remarkable Skills And Performances. As A Contestant, He Not Only Demonstrated Outstanding Singing And Dancing Abilities But Also Exhibited A Distinct Personality And Allure.

Throughout The Competition Of "Boys Planet," Liu Tianyue Garnered Audiences’ Affection Through His Extraordinary Stage Presence And Unparalleled Temperament. Each Of His Performances Is Truly Impressive. Whether It Involves Dynamic Dance Routines Or Heartfelt Vocal Renditions, He Can Flawlessly Interpret Every Note And Movement.

Besides His On-Stage Performances, Liu Tianyue Also Exudes Distinctive Charm In Everyday Life As Well. His Radiant Smile And Warm Eyes Create An Amiable And Comfortable Atmosphere For Those Around Him. His Personality And Attitude Are Admirable As He Always Maintains Confidence And Determination, Never Backing Down In The Face Of Difficulties And Challenges.

During His Participation In "Asia Super Young", Liu Tianyao Once Again Demonstrated Strength And Charm Within This Idol Talent Show Where He Underwent Rigorous Training Alongside Fellow Contestants. In The Future, Let’S Anticipate Him To Continue Creating More Brilliance And Achievements In The Entertainment Industry.

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