"What Do Cpop4u Do?"

CPOP4U is a Chinese cultural platform that focuses on entertainment and the idol industry, covering a wide range of content such as variety shows, movies, talent shows, and more. Besides that, the platform also features content related to trends,toys, and anime, along with associated merchandise. Our vision is to provide a communication platform for fans, allowing more individuals to discover and appreciate idols. If fans are interested in products endorsed by their favorite idols or related merchandise, they can find them through CPOP4U!

“Who We Are?”

YoyWow is a leading global provider of digital content distribution and operation services. It is also one of the earliest market-oriented organizations in mainland China to achieve the international distribution of content. It is primarily engaged in copyright distribution and operation, social media marketing, creative content planning, enterprise channel integration, and content analysis for effective dissemination. YoyWow is dedicated to promoting Chinese and Asian cultures, providing comprehensive, effective, and precise overseas communication and marketing services for content providers and brands. At the same time, it focuses on building interactive community networks centered around audiences and fans.

"Power of Attorney"

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