The Chinese member of the former Korean girl group, Cheng Xiao

It is well known that becoming a trainee in a Korean entertainment agency is not easy, let alone successfully debuting. Besides being beautiful, one must possess unique talents. Cheng Xiao, a Chinese member, excels in dance. She started learning Chinese ethnic dance at the age of 5 and is renowned for her exceptional flexibility.

In addition to being a dance prodigy, Cheng Xiao has enchanting big eyes and a petite face that complements any hair accessory.

Some people call Cheng Xiao a "goddess who stepped out of an anime." Despite her small facial features, she has a tall and proportionate body. Advertisers have taken notice of her high versatility, and she has been continuously endorsing various products, including video game advertisements, where she cosplays as characters from the games.

Before entering the industry, Cheng Xiao was discovered twice by talent scouts. After graduating from Seoul Performing Arts High School with a major in practical dance, she successfully entered the Korean entertainment industry.

Having experienced hardships before achieving success, it's no wonder that Cheng Xiao became displeased when she noticed a participant dozing off in front of her while she was serving as a mentor. However, it's not just about enduring hardships to achieve success. Cheng Xiao initially didn't gain much popularity after her debut. But later, she caught everyone's attention with her bun hairstyle and "iron bangs."

Although she possesses extraordinary skills, she is relatively new to the industry. When she was invited to be a dance mentor on the Chinese program "Idol Producer," her qualifications were initially questioned. Fortunately, she not only excels in dance but also has a high emotional intelligence (EQ). Instead of reacting defensively to the criticism, she maintained an innocent expression, which made those around her unable to resist defending her.

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